About Me

Hello Educators,

Welcome to No-Nonsense Teaching! As an educator for 15 years, turned stay at home mom, I wanted a way to continue to share my passion for education and love of learning. My No-Nonsense Teaching blog and resources were born out of my desire to focus on, what I believe are, three important (No-Nonsense) parts of teaching and learning: being creative, reflective and thinking critically.

During my teaching career, I was fortunate to have taught children ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 8 in Canada and England. I was also a Reading and Writing Coach; acted as a Demonstration Teacher where educators in my district observed and discussed my daily lessons, and acted as a Consultant at both the district and provincial levels. I specialize in reading and writing and hold a Masters Degree in Education.

Please follow me to learn all about my No-Nonsense way of teaching!

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