September 04, 2014

Classroom Organization: How to Use Your Classroom Windows as Anchor Charts

Wall space is always at a premium in a classroom.  Between lack of space and/or fire regulations, there never seems to be enough wall space to post all the necessary learning supports. However, when the going gets tough, teachers will find a way to support learners no matter what!  One strategy is to use the windows in your classroom as anchor charts.

Your windows can be used as valuable wall space with use of erasable/wipe-off markers or erasable chalk board markers.

1. Check the humidity in your classroom, especially in the winter.  Areas of windows that form     condensation should not be used.

2. Always test your markers.  Use a small space and write on the window with erasable markers, wait 24 hours and check that they wipe off easily.

3. Use your windows as anchor charts.  Write vocabulary, sentence starters, graphic organizers etc.  Don't forget to utilize the windows around your classroom door as well.

4. Use paper towel and window cleaner to wash off markers when you need to change your anchor chart.

Happy window writing!

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